I’m a copywriter, brand designer & comedy writer.

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TV & Radio Scripts (Comedy)



The BRIMBORION is an online media agency built for the creation of all things comic, from memes to publications to copywriting & commercial ads. I founded it & am its primary content creator.The Back 40 is a seriocomic TV series about a 38-year old retired actor whose cloistered, irreverent life in a small Pacific Northwest town starts to slowly unravel through forces beyond his control.

About Me

I’m a long form writer, mainly—blogging, white papers, scripts—but can knock out a killer tagline or print ad like nothing. I studied advertising and design many moons ago, but left it all behind for the pursuit of consistently funnier fruits. After getting a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from the University of Oregon—which is possibly the least funny thing I could’ve done in that time (except maybe join the Revolutionary Suicide Mechanized Regiment Band of the Uganda Army)—I’m back to it as a copywriter and comedy creator.

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