Ads & Branding

Zombie Motors LLC

Zak Mosieur runs a successful engine repower / vehicle-importing business in Eugene, Oregon, dealing almost exclusively in diesel-powered Land Rovers. His clientele is small and highly niched, so we decided all he needed by way of continued advertising were email graphics, social media posts and Craigslist ads.

Oros Exosphere

Oros is a timepiece brand still in its infancy. I was asked to help conceptualize it for the purpose of doing some split testing and acquiring early market feedback, to decide whether or not the client wanted to continue its development to launch. 

Keenan Homes

Keenan Homes is a home exterior renovation company located in the West Chicago Suburbs. These are some print ads I came up with for them.


Naply is a burgeoning tech startup of software experts whose services revolve mainly around code writing for companies looking to outsource their software needs.  They provide a stripped-down approach to problem-solving, and wanted to focus conceptually on that.  These are some scripts and print ads I developed for them. 

The Package Deal (60-second radio spot)

Larix Vintage Clothing

Copywriting selections from the Etsy shop I ran for nearly five years, and for which I created all content.

Vintage 1980s Cowboy Bucking Horse T-shirt

Vintage 1970s Florsheim Imperial Ankle Boots


Presumption was another brand for which I was asked to concept and create digital ads. While it was unlikely it would ever come to production, the client nonetheless wanted to see a few ideas, preferably some infused with a little bit of humor. Along with designing the logo and label, I came up with the following.

Stellar Residential

This is a 3,200 word, plain text whitepaper for a Phase 1, first-time investor seminar I was contracted to write.

Real Estate Development and Investment (PDF)